It's given me a place to socialise in and indirectly taught me how to manage money better by clearing my mind from some of my stresses, so that I can think more clearly about things. The prospect of getting work in this area has given me hope also, for the first time. Message to potential donors: It's a good investment for the local people and the local area

Gary, Level 2 Student

My name is Rodrigo. I have been studying here since February, about 6 month now. I have done the horticultural level 1, I am doing the horticulture level 2 now, Dnd I have done some volunteering. I have really enjoyed the experience. The place is amazing.

Message to potential funders: If you donate I am pretty sure you can rest in peace, because Organiclea are doing everything they possibly can to help the world be a better place.

Rodrigo, student and volunteer